Field Services Bureau

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Our Services

The Field Services Bureau, which is the main enforcement arm of the department, is comprised of the Patrol Division, the Criminal Investigations Division, the Special Operations Division, the Marshal Unit and Crime  Intelligence.

Our Divisions

The Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling the city limits, enforcing laws, handling citizen complaints, and investigating offenses, which are both criminal and traffic in nature.

The Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of detectives and a crime scene unit responsible for investigating criminal activity and apprehending those responsible for crimes.

This division is additionally responsible for two officers who are assigned to federal task forces: the United States Drug Enforcement Administration State and Local Task Force and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Task Force. These task forces pair local police officers with federal agents to conduct special investigations on a federal level in cooperation with local authorities.

The division is also responsible for officers assigned to the Rockdale County Narcotics and Vice Unit. This combined unit of the Conyers Police Department and the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office targets drug and vice crimes countywide in a joint effort to more effectively combat these types of offenses in our community.

The Special Operations Division is responsible for conducting specialized traffic enforcement on the city’s roadways, concentrated enforcement actions, handling special events throughout the community and for police K-9 operations.

The police department Special Response Team (SRT) also falls under the Special Operations Unit. This unit responds to dangerous tactical incidents such as hostage situations, barricaded subjects and high risk warrants.

The Special Operations Division also houses the Conyers Police Department Reserve Unit. The unit is a volunteer force of men and women who are certified police officers. The members give their time freely to the police department in addition to their regular full time jobs in other professions. These dedicated individuals help patrol during their off days, work special events and conduct crime prevention programs.

The Marshal Unit is responsible for enforcing the ordinances of the City of Conyers. The Unit specifically targets such issues as junk vehicles, liquor violations, abandoned automobiles and other various city ordinance violations. The Unit is also responsible for ensuring that all restaurants are in compliance with alcoholic beverage server permits for all employees and handles compliance and enforcement of the city taxi ordinance.   

The police department also provides a full-time school resource officer to Rockdale County High School. The school resource officer attends and participates in school functions and acts as an instructor for specialized short-term programs such as basic understanding of the laws, the role of the police officer and the police mission.

An officer is assigned as the Crime Analyst for crime intelligence gathering, statistical analysis and crime information dissemination. The Crime Analyst is responsible for the implementation and operation of the department’s COMPSTAT (COMPuter STATistics) program. COMPSTAT is a program where statistical data on crimes is compiled into a map format so that police resources can be better deployed to combat and prevent crimes. This system has proven invaluable to the department’s efforts to control crime in the City of Conyers. The crime intelligence officer also serves as the police department public information officer who issues press releases on incidents and arrests as well as handles media requests during major crimes and police actions.