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Conyers recognizes preservation as one of its most important components to save, preserve and celebrate our past and our heritage. Without preservation efforts spearheaded by preservation-minded programs, there would be no history for future generations to learn about and explore our historic district.

Rockdale County Historical Society

Old Jail Museum 4.9.08 068The Rockdale County Historical Society is a non-profit organization whose members are dedicated to the preservation of the history of Conyers and Rockdale County.  The Society, through much effort, has collected, catalogued, preserved, and maintained much of its local historical resources while at the same time bringing forth a sense of pride in the knowledge of its history and tradition.

The Society was organized in 1973, when several local citizens discovered the possible demolition of the old train depot in downtown Conyers and the old county jail on Milstead Avenue. In 1975, the old jail was restored and is used today by the Society as its museum. In the same year, the Depot was saved from the wrecking crane and later restored. These buildings have since served the community proudly with their historical value. The need for this organization’s existence continues as we witness Rockdale County’s steady growth. Teaching the area’s history is very important to us as we provide tours and information to schools and other interested individuals. Come and join us!  Be a person taking part in the future of Conyers and Rockdale County by keeping the past alive.

Contact Us
(770) 922-3740
P.O. Box 351 Conyers, GA 30012

Conyers Historic Preservation Commission

The Conyers Historic Preservation Commission is comprised of five volunteers from the Conyers community. The volunteers are appointed to the Commission for three- year terms by the City Council. Property owners in Conyers whose property is classified as "Contributing Historic" are required to submit plans and an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness to the Planning and Inspections office for any work that changes the appearance of the historic property. The chief building inspector reviews the plans and application when received. A public meeting is then scheduled and conducted by the Commission where they vote whether or not to approve the Certificate of Appropriateness.  

The City of Conyers Department of Planning and Inspection Services is committed to maintaining the integrity of the Conyers Historic District. If your home is located within the Conyers Historic District and you are considering a renovation or building addition, your plans must first be submitted and approved by the Historic Preservation Commission before a permit can be issued.

Historic Preservation Commission members are: Steven Holmes, Ed Carter, Carol Fountain, Judy Mauran, and Julie Rogers.