Code Enforcement

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Code enforcement helps to keep our city safe and neighborhoods free from unsightly debris and potentially harmful structures.   Planning and Inspection Services works closely with the Conyers Police Department to enforce Conyers' zoning ordinances. 

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Code Enforcement FAQs

Q: What are the most common violations in the city?
A: The most common violations in the city are the following:

  • Parking or storage of motorized vehicles or boats in the front yard.
  • Parking areas used for the sale, repair, servicing of vehicles.
  • Yard not maintained (high grass/weeds/undergrowth) or containing litter/trash/rubbish of any nature.
  • Presence of in-operative vehicles, equipment, appliances, machinery, or exterior accumulation of personal property, appliances or indoor furniture.
  • Commercial vehicles weighing 10,000 lbs. or more parking in or adjacent to a residentially zoned area.
  • Trash cans/recycling bins remaining at street side longer than 7:00 p.m. on day of collection. (To see days of collection, view our collection schedule.)

      Q: What are the ordinances that govern property maintenance in the city?
      A: Conyers code enforcement officers enforce two sets of property maintenance codes. These include the City of Conyers Ordinances and the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code, which was adopted by the Conyers City Council as a supplement to the City Code.

      Q: What is the citation process used by the city?
      A: Conyers first sends a warning letter to the owner or renter of the property in question. If the code violation(s) are not promptly addressed, the owner or renter is issued a formal citation and must appear in court. Failure to respond to the citation may result in a fine, imprisonment, or both.

      Q: How can I report a violation?
      A: Concerned citizens and property owners can call Code Enforcement directly at 770-929-4280. Complaints can also be made through the City's online system, the Helpdesk, or emailed to Citizens may also complete a complaint form in person at the office located at 1174 Scott Street, Conyers, GA.

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      A complete list of city ordinances can be found here.

      Help Keep Conyers-Rockdale Beautiful! 

      The mission of Keep Conyers-Rockdale Beautiful (KCRB), a collaborative effort between the city of Conyers and Rockdale County governments, is to foster a partnership with, and between, the citizens of the community to promote and enhance the beauty of Conyers and Rockdale County through education, public action and example.

      KCRB empowers citizens to make Conyers-Rockdale a cleaner, greener more thriving community through ongoing participation in recycling drive and clean up events. With the help of volunteers and public and private partners, KCRB beautifies the community through annual events such as the Great American Cleanup and Rivers Alive events.

      Interested in learning more? Visit for more information and join us! 

      Pictured below: KCRB members, along with city and county employees, volunteer at the annual Bring One for the Chipper event to recycle Christmas trees. 

      KCRB Bring One for the Chipper 1.4.20