East View Cemetery Gravesites

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Opened in the late 19th century, East View Cemetery is the final resting place for more than 3,400 local residents and prominent Conyers families. The first burial to take place at East View Cemetery was that of Mrs. Pheraby Annie Louise Hardy Ogletree (1841-1879) and the earliest birth recorded in East View Cemetery was that of Mary A. Waggoner (1815-1902). The first recorded plot was sold to J.R. Rosser on September 29, 1890.

East View Cemetery is located at 1127 East View Road in Olde Town Conyers. A new section features 570 gravesites available for purchase.

Our online map of cemeteries in Conyers (East View, South Main and Pine Log) provides useful information for family research. This site includes spouse, mother, father, military and pictures of the deceased when available.  For more information on individuals buried in these Conyers cemeteries, email Donna Freeman or contact her at 770-785-3805.

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For more information on scheduling a burial or to purchase a gravesite, please call the Department of Planning and Inspection Services at 770-929-4280 or stop by the office located at 1174 Scott Street, in the rear of the City Hall Complex. Deciding where you or your loved ones will be laid to rest should not be a financial hardship. The city of Conyers has developed the following fee schedule for gravesites and burials at East View Cemetery. 

Item or Service Provided Price of Each
Grave Plots $1,000.00
Opening and Closing of adult grave over 4 feet in length $875.00
Opening and Closing of grave under 4 feet in length $550.00
Cremation Open/Close $470.00
Hand-Dug Grave Open/Close $2,995.00
Saturday/Sunday Services Extra Charge $100.00
Funeral after 4:00 p.m.  $295.00   

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