Vacant/Foreclosed Property Registry

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The city of Conyers adopted Ordinance No. 972 on October 15, 2014 which requires that the owners of vacant and foreclosed properties register each such property with the city of Conyers.Vacant 2

Vacant real property is defined as any property intended for human habitation that has not been inhabited for at least 60 days and has had no utility usage within the past 60 days, or is a partially constructed or an incomplete building without a valid building permit. This does not include buildings or structures that have multiple units if at least one unit is occupied and has evidence of utility usage. The registration fee is $100.00 and must be renewed every 12 months. If is the property is no longer vacant, then the owner is required to complete the required form to request that the property be removed from the vacant property list.

Once a property has been vacant for 60 days and there are no utilities being used on the property, the owner is required to register the property and pay the registration fee within 14 days.

Once property has been foreclosed, the owner has 90 days to register the property. If the property was acquired pursuant to a Deed Under Power of Sale or a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, the owner is not required to register the property on the Foreclosed Property list. If the foreclosed property falls within the definition of vacant property, then the owner will be required to register the property and pay the applicable fees.

A vacant or foreclosed real property owner, or the agent of such owner, may apply to remove such vacant or foreclosed real property from the registry at such time as the real property no longer constitutes vacant or foreclosed real property. Corroborating documentation need not, and shall not, include the names or other personal information of any tenant(s). The department shall grant or deny such application within 30 days, and in the case of denial, the department shall provide notice to the property owner. If the department does not grant or deny the application for removal from the registry within 30 days, the application for removal shall be deemed granted.

To review the entire Vacant/Foreclosed Property Ordinance, click here.

Download the Vacant/Foreclosed Property Registration Form.

If you have registered your property and need to remove it from the list, click here to download the Vacant/Foreclosed Property Removal Form.

If your property is exempt, click here to download the exemption form.

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