Residential Sanitation & Recycling

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Residential Sanitation Schedule

Holiday Sanitation/Recycling Pick-up Schedule

The City of Conyers offers residents living within the city limits curbside garbage pick-up. The service includes one weekly pick up of garbage, one weekly pick up of recyclables and pickup of gardening refuse for a fee included in your annual tax bill. Residents are provided with one 95-gallon garbage receptacle and one 65-gallon recycling receptacle at no additional cost.

Cart Placement

City Ordinance, Title 5, Chapter 2, Section 5-2-27 Roll cart system.

Location of roll carts. On collection day, roll carts provided to residences by the City as provided in Subsection (1) of this section shall be placed in the area between the sidewalk and curb adjacent to a publicly owned and maintained street in the City, or in an accessible place approved by the Public Works and Transportation Department. Roll carts shall not be placed at curbside before 7:00 p.m. on the day preceding the collection day and shall be removed from the curbside before 7:00 p.m. on the collection day. When roll carts are not in the curbside location on collection days, all roll carts shall be placed within ten feet of the dwelling unit.

For those residents who are unable to place their carts at the curbside and who live alone, special pick up options are available at no additional cost with a doctor's note.

To sign up for our residential sanitation service, contact our Helpdesk or call 770-483-4411.

Leaf Vacuum and Street Sweeper

The City of Conyers offers a special leaf vacuum service for residents during the year. Residents simply rake their leaves to the curb, and the leaf vacuum sweeps them away. The leaf route operates Monday-Friday when there are sufficient leaves at the curb to warrant it, usually beginning in mid to late October.  

Due to the volume during this time, crews cannot always complete the day's route in a single day and will resume the route the next day where it left off the previous day.  This allows everyone to receive regular pick-ups on the cycle in the schedule below.  The route is operated continually until volume has decreased in February.  The leaf route is operated on an as-needed basis from March through September.  Leaves should be free of debris and limbs.  Please note, the leaf vacuum is not designed to collect grass clippings.  Please do not place leaves in the ditch as this could impede the flow of stormwater.   A complete schedule for trash, brush and leaf pick-up is available here.

The street sweeper is another valuable piece of equipment the City of Conyers operates on a continual basis to rid city streets of debris.

Limb/Brush Service

Large limbs cut into 4' to 6' sections are also picked up at curbside once each week for Conyers residents' convenience.

Shrubbery clippings and vines are also picked up on the brush route.

Appliance and Furniture Removal

Do you have an old appliance or piece of furniture you need to get rid of? Simply place it curbside and our sanitation crew will remove it at no charge.

Curbside Recycling Pick-up Schedule

Conyers embarked on its curbside recycling program in July 2008. 

Our recycling carts are blue and can hold up to 65 gallons of material.  The reason it's so large is that an estimated 70 percent of what is going into Georgia landfills is recyclable.  We believe Conyers can help lead the state in improving this percentage by using these new carts for all of your recyclables.

Residential garbage is collected on Monday and Tuesday (in the green carts) and recycling (in blue carts) is collected on Thursday and Friday of each week.

Monday/Thursday Pick-up Schedule:
Monday - Residential Garbage Pick-up                   Thursday - Recycling Pick-up

Tuesday/Friday Pick-up Schedule:
Tuesday - Residential Garbage Pick-up                  Friday - Recycling Pick-up

Check the holiday schedule for residential garbage and recycling pick-up should pick-up days fall on a holiday.

Items Accepted for Recycling include:

Aluminum beverage cans Steel cans
Tin cans Newspapers
Milk, juice, soup, broth, wine, etc.
Cardboard Magazines
Plastic beverage bottles Other plastic containers (to determine if a plastic container is appropriate for recycling, look on the bottom of the container for the recycling symbol and the number). Numbers 1-7 are accepted.
Mixed paper consisting of: newspaper, corrugated boxes, magazines, phone books, office paper, mail, shopping catalogs, cereal boxes, paperback books, colored paper, manila folders  

Items NOT Accepted for Recycling:

No food-contaminated paper No hardcover books
No photos No tissue paper, paper towels or toilet paper
No plastic bags No styrofoam
No window glass or mirrors No ceramics
No light bulbs No wrapping paper
No glass bottles of any kind  No yard debris (leaves, brush, dirt, rocks, grass clippings) 
No fabric/floor coverings (rugs or carpet)