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“Cache” in on all that Conyers has to offer!

Geocaching is a family-friendly treasure-seeking adventure that’s sweeping the globe! All you need to participate is a handheld Global Positioning System (GPS) unit or GPS-enabled cell phone, the geocaches you wish to seek and a spirit of adventure! 

Here’s how geocaching works:

In and around Conyers (and throughout the state, country and the world) are a number of containers or “caches” that have been hidden and their coordinates noted with a GPS unit. Identify the caches you wish you find (some listed below; others available on by zip code or a specific code) and use your GPS to discover them based on their GPS coordinates. 

Once the cache is discovered, log onto and add your Conyers finds to your validated finds.

The City of Conyers has placed several geocaches within the city limits. One cache is hidden in Olde Town Conyers and four are at the Georgia International Horse Park. The information on where these caches are located is below:

GC1CoC Olde City Cemetery
N 33˚ 39.976 W 084˚ 00.848
Conyers was founded in 1854, along the old rail line of the Georgia Railroad. Many of Conyers earliest citizens are buried in this historic cemetery.

CoC Main Gate
N 33˚ 39.865 W 083˚ 55.879
Welcome to the Georgia International Horse Park, a 1400-acres world class, multi-purpose facility opened in 1995 prior to the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games.

CoC Olympic Rings
N 33˚ 40.360 W 083˚ 55.959
Code: GC1TGC8
The Georgia International Horse Park hosted in the summer of 1996 the Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games and served as the venue for equestrian, first-ever mountain biking competition, and the final two events of the modern pentathlon.

CoC Horsepower
N 33˚39.654 W 083˚ 55.890
Code: GC1T1XW
Clue: The name of the cache is relevant and a hint in and of itself!

CoC Arboretum
N 33˚ 39.473 W 083˚ 55.890
Enjoy a walk under a canopy of trees to discover this cache. The memorial arboretum was created by the Rockdale County Master Gardeners and features five acres of wooded pathways.

Clue: Get ready to walk on this one. A casual 4-5 min walk will take you through the Arboretum and down towards one of the many trails.